How to Give up Smoking – 5 Helpful Tips You Can Start With

Give up Smoking

Most people know the health risks of smoking, but the facts nor the disturbing photos do not make the quitting process any easier. Many people aim to quit smoking, but only a few succeed. Smoking is not only an addiction; it is also a psychological habit one needs to defeat.

If you want to give up this harmful habit, here are five tips you can start with.

#1: Decide to Quit

Everything starts with a decision. Any plan that you or your pharmacist set will not work if you do not aim for the goal yourself. Before you go to another consultation visit or develop a quitting plan, you must have the desire first. Once you do, find the best time for you to start the process. You do not have to rush through it. Choose the best date that is comfortable for you. That should be the time when you are mentally and emotionally prepared to face the challenge.

Once you are settled with your decision, go to your trusted pharmacist and ask for their help in developing a plan that will work best for you.

#2: Make a List

Quitting is not easy. If it is simple and straightforward, you would not have to go through all the struggles. However, all these challenges are part of the process. They will help by letting you prepare how to address all the potential reasons that will make you want to give up. The best way to fight them is by reminding yourself of the reason you wish to be tobacco-free.

Consider making a list of all these reasons. If you can, be as detailed as possible. Try writing it as if convincing your future self of why you must stick with your goals. Write all the best encouragement you can think of and place it somewhere you can quickly see.

#3: Treat Yourself

Rewards are important when it comes to goal-setting. When you treat yourself, your brain becomes full of positive emotions, and it helps make you think that all your efforts lead to positive results. Do this continuously. Use your cigarette savings as your reward fund to make the experience more fun. To ensure that you will keep working towards your goal, why not aim for something expensive you have always wanted to have?

In doing so, your brain will start to link satisfaction with accomplishing the task. It can help you motivate yourself and move forward with your goal. Moreover, seeing how much you save from a dangerous hobby can change your perspective towards it.

#4: Look for a Quitting Buddy

Every tough challenge gets easier when faced with a friend. If you know someone who has the same personal goal as you, invite them to start the journey with you. Aside from the added motivation, you have someone who can make you feel that you are not alone. By sharing each other’s experiences, you can understand the quitting process better.

#5: Find Other Hobbies or Activities

The best way to keep your mind away from the dirty habit is by having new things to think about. Cigarette craving lasts for around five to ten minutes, so if you successfully keep yourself busy during this craving window time, you can slowly perfect the act of quitting. Start cleaning the house when you feel the urge to have a puff or do some physical activities, like walking, running, or working out. It can veer your mind away from the thought, and it can also improve your lung capacity.


Quitting smoking involves a lot of self-control and determination. It will include a lot of self-restraint and discipline, but it is not impossible. Make sure to tell your loved ones for additional emotional support. A reliable institution and professional service can also help you focus on your intent better.

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