Home Medical Supplies: 6 Devices for Managing Back Pain

Home Medical Supplies

There are various reasons why we experience back pain. Some of these pains range from mild to severe–too excruciating that they can hamper the convenience of performing our daily tasks. With today’s breakthroughs in science and medicine, managing back pain at home becomes possible. There are home medical supplies that contribute to having a pain-free life.

Amazing Devices That Help Relieve Back Pain at Home

Not all back pains require surgery after diagnosis. The following are six medical devices that can aid in alleviating back pain, even at home:

– TENS Machine

The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) device is often used for myofascial pain and pain due to joint degeneration. This machine sends mild electrical currents into the tissues and muscles. These currents interrupt nerve signals as well as alert the muscles to relax. Although the TENS device does not work for every patient with back pain, it can reduce pain levels when worn throughout the day. Some patients found the pain relief temporary, but they can still use it comfortably and safely, even multiple times.

– Rising Seats

Rising seats aid the body to lessen the strain when standing or sitting. These devices offer slight upward force to let moving from a sitting position less painful. The typical seat lifts are composed of two parts separately: a seat and a base. There is a spring located in the middle that gently supports the body as you stand.

You can also find a pre-installed seat lift device in a medical equipment store that provides more features and controls for customization. When choosing the best rising seat to ease your back pain, make sure to check its quality and features provided.

– Adjustable Beds

Poor sleeping postures can also cause back pain. That is why it is important to have a comfortable bed when sleeping. A poorly designed bed can cause tight shoulders, aching, muscle spasms, and tension headaches.

Use adjustable beds with massage and vibration settings. These types of beds can provide advantages to light-tissue massage. Soft and gentle massage helps in relaxing the muscles and relieving back pains.

– Back Braces

If you’re suffering from herniated discs, then you might be needing back braces. These devices can aid in providing additional support to your core. Before buying back braces, consider the correct sizing and the quality of the product. When you are advised to use a back brace, you should consult an expert on which device will work best for you. Some braces have flexible stretch bands, while some others support the lower back in canvas.

– Inversion Tables

Inversion tables are ideal for people having compressed discs or those whose jobs required prolonged sitting. This device is a small platform that is connected to a pivot in the middle. The patient can have themselves strapped in the platform, then tilt gently into an upside-down, angled position. When gravity puts pressure on the spine, pain on the back is then relieved. Inversion tables are known to be effective in solving problems like facet joint pain, slight subluxations, and herniated discs.

– Moist Heat Pads

Heat therapy is often advised to relieve pains and mild backaches. This can also be done in the convenience of your home. Physiotherapists commonly use moist heat pads in treating spinal pain and backaches. It is awesome that you can purchase them because they are often available from local medical equipment stores.

Moist heat pads aid in encouraging tissue and muscle elasticity, relieving knots and spasms. They also allow the heat to penetrate the first layer of the skin, stimulating better muscle relaxation.


It is essential to be well-adept about the different home medical supplies you can use to relieve back pain. Also, make sure to promote proper posture and a healthy lifestyle always.

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