Is Taking Multivitamins Essential? What You Need to Know

Multivitamins Essential

People have varying opinions about the importance of daily vitamins. Some find it essential, while others think it is unnecessary. Many people know how important vitamins and minerals are for the body, but here is one truth that people need to be reminded of: no matter how healthy you and your food choices are, you might not always get the vitamins your body needs.

That is more apparent if people have particular dietary choices or requirements. Other factors, such as lifestyle, age, and even genetic variation, can play an essential role in determining the kind of nutrition your body needs. Whether you are a vegan or a person who eats everything, gaps in nutrition can happen.

That is where multivitamins come in.

Multivitamins: What Are They?

Multivitamins are the supplements that can help nourish a person’s body with the right and essential vitamins and minerals it needs. They come in various forms: capsules, tablets, liquid, or gummies containing considerable amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Every multivitamin available on the market has different content and vitamin inclusions. They generally contain the most crucial vitamins like A, C, D, K, Bs, iron, calcium, and more. These elements help the body grow and function.

Why You Need Vitamins

There are 13 essential vitamins that the body needs to remain healthy and capable. These vitamins help your body work properly. To understand how they work better, here are some of the highlights and their functions:

  • Vitamin A: Helps the body fight off illness and infection
  • B vitamins: Important for ensuring the cells are functioning properly
  • Vitamin C: Helps keep the skin healthy; also makes healing faster
  • Vitamin D: Helps the body maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus
  • Vitamin K: Helps build bones and providing proteins needed for blood clotting

Is Taking Vitamins Necessary?

Now that you understand the importance of vitamins in the body, you might be wondering if taking multivitamins and other supplements are necessary for your growth and development. Indeed, taking daily supplements can help your body get the complete nutrition it needs, but experts also warn people about the consequences of having too many vitamins.

Food is still the best source of vitamins. Some food can provide you with the complete vitamins you need if you know where to get them. Here are some of the vitamins’ best sources:

  • Vitamin A: Eggs, cod liver oil, broccoli, spinach, oranges, yellow vegetables, and fruits
  • B vitamins: Whole grains, meat, eggs and dairy products
  • Vitamin C: Citrus fruits, peppers, strawberries, broccoli, potatoes, brussels sprouts
  • Vitamin D: Oily fish, red meat, liver, egg yolk
  • Vitamin K: Green leafy vegetables, brussels sprouts, fish, liver

The Department of Health recommends the daily intake of vitamins if you belong to the high risk of vitamin deficiency group:

  • The pregnant people or those trying to get pregnant who need enough folic acid to increase the healthy development of the baby
  • Vegans and vegetarians who have limitations when it comes to vitamin sources
  • The elders whose vitamin absorption decreases as they grow old.

If you believe you are getting enough vitamins from the food you eat, a daily intake of multivitamins may not be necessary.


Vitamins are essential for a healthy and happy body. If you think that your daily diet lacks the basic vitamins, taking supplements can help give your body what it needs. If you are satisfied with what you eat, multivitamins may not be important. Seek the advice of your doctor or trusted pharmacist to determine what works best for you.

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