Medication for Seniors – Choosing Compound Prescriptions

Medication for Seniors

There are many things to consider when treating elders through medication. This is because their overall health and the medications they’re taking are significant factors in their treatments, helping them manage the pains and symptoms they experience from their conditions or ailments.

When you’re younger, you can be treated traditionally since your body’s structure can still take the numerous medications and treatments given, depending on the severity of your condition. However, a geriatric patient may require a more complex and delicate approach. With an older patient, it’s essential to know which of their medications have adverse side-effects because these pills can do more harm than good to their body.

To help them with this, some medical professionals work with a compounding pharmacy to alleviate these worries. The pharmacy consultants will recommend medication alternatives so that your elderly loved ones can prevent adverse side-effects from taking too many medications and give them compound prescriptions instead.

If you’re confused about compound prescriptions, keep reading. This article will help you understand what compound prescriptions are and the benefits you get from them. Let’s begin!

You’ll Get to Take Fewer Pills

As we get older, you may develop new health ailments, and along with that, you’ll need to take additional prescription medications to treat those problems. And when your prescriptions add up, maintaining and tracking your medication intake can be quite overwhelming.

However, compounding prescriptions allows you to combine certain medications for your convenience. This means you could be taking a total of five pills instead of the usual ten, reducing the chances of missing a dose or forgetting to take certain pills.

Customized Delivery

Another great thing about compound prescriptions is that you’ll have control over the delivery and consistency of your medication because they can be customized to the patient’s needs.

For example, if your loved one is having difficulty swallowing pills, pharmacy consultants can transform specific medications to liquid form instead. In some cases, medications can affect an elder’s stomach; for this reason, consultants can create a topical form to eliminate the discomfort from ingesting a pill.

Excellent Customer Support

Besides creating better and more convenient medications for elders, compounding pharmacies also provide exceptional customer support to help patients with their conditions and treatments.

Pharmacy consultants will take the time to listen to your medical concerns carefully so that they can understand your situation, resulting in better medical recommendations and treatments. With that, the patient’s quality of life will improve, and tackling various ailments will be easier.


As we get older, there are many things that we need to consider. On top of controlling our medical conditions, we need to keep track of and manage all the prescription medications we’re taking. To help you with this, compound prescriptions are a fantastic alternative you need to consider.

Thankfully, with the help of pharmacy consultants, compounding pharmacies, such as Pharmasave Summerside, can provide quality compounding prescription recommendations to help you organize and have a more convenient way to manage your medications. Besides that, you’ll be able to get excellent support from medical professionals, guiding you through your meditation journey.

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