Must-Have Items in Your Medicine Cabinet If You Have a Baby

Medicine Cabinet

Babies are sensitive and vulnerable little human beings, and the last thing you want to happen is for them to get sick. However, this can happen during unexpected times. As a parent, you must be ready at all times. Having all the medicinal essentials at home could prevent your home emergencies from worsening. To help you get started with your medicine cabinet must-haves, here are some items you can include in your list.

1) A Digital Thermometer

Babies cannot fully express themselves, so you need to use a tool to determine if they are not feeling too well. Having a digital thermometer can help you immediately know if your infant has a fever. It is a reliable medical tool to help you find out the next thing you should do.

2) A First Aid Kit

Every home should have a first aid kit, regardless of whether you have a baby or not. First aid kits are filled with different supplies to treat various conditions, like scrapes, cuts, injuries, burns, and sprains. It can reduce the risk of potential infections and reduce the severity of injuries.

3) Nasal Aspirator

If you want your baby to breathe without obstruction, you should have a handy nasal aspirator at home. This tool can suck out mucus and boogers! It can help your baby breathe smoothly and easily when their nose is a little stuffy. Furthermore, you can use this tool even when your baby is sleeping. It is silent enough not to disturb your resting baby.

4) Saline Spray

Another tool you can use to clear your baby’s nose is a saline nasal spray. The spray works by thinning out the mucus in your baby’s nose. Doing this can clear out your baby’s nose. It can also decongest their sinuses. It is also best used to relieve your baby when experiencing dryness in their nose or any congestion from cold or allergies.

5) Bum Cream

Babies use diapers all the time, and this makes them prone to diaper rash. Using a layer of bum cream on this sensitive area can prevent rashes from appearing. It would also help relieve any existing rash from becoming too itchy and irritating. Moreover, you can use this cream to soften your already cracked heels. It can also reduce redness and spots in the skin.

6) Vitamin D Supplement

A baby with too little vitamin D can develop weak and soft bones. That is why babies who are currently breastfeeding need to have 400 IU of vitamin D every day. This vitamin can be easily acquired through sun exposure. However, for areas with less sun exposure, you need to double your baby’s daily requirement. Make sure to consult with your doctor first before giving your baby their dose.

7) Pain and Fever Relief

Babies are prone to swelling and inflammation too. Ideally, you should have pain and fever relief to help them deal with these difficult times. Make sure to stock on acetaminophen and ibuprofen formulated for babies. If you observe that your baby may have a fever, inform your doctor immediately.


Having all these items in your medicine cabinet at home could help keep your baby healthy and happy. Make sure you get a good stock of these items and that you know how to use them appropriately. Remember that while these may help you, it would still be best to book a checkup with your doctor should you feel that your baby needs professional help.

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