Injection / Travel Health

Being fully prepared and then planning your trip is the best idea. Preparations aren’t only about outlining an interesting itinerary, packing all the essentials, and making the right bookings. You have to keep your health and well-being in mind when planning to set out. If you have any medical conditions or are prone to fall sick at certain destinations, you must be prepared with the right medications and vaccinations.

Explain how your trip will look like and share your itinerary and receive your customized set of medications and vaccinations from our pharmacy based on your trip.

Pharmasave can provide both medical advice and administer the necessary medication to travellers in one quick stop.

We are the specialists in travel health and vaccinations and endeavour to keep you safe and healthy in Canada and during your travel across the globe. All you have to do is get in touch with us before planning your trip.

Along with the general advice about your destination, medical kits, travel vaccinations and malaria tablets, you will also be able to discuss any health issues you might be worried about when travelling.

Don’t let your health issues get in the way of enjoying your vacation or work-related trip. Get your prescription and/or advice for medication and vaccinations from us. As one of the most trusted health care providers, we can help you with all of your travel needs at very affordable costs. We tailor your travel medical needs depending on your itinerary, medical conditions and recent outbreaks in the destinations you are travelling to.

Speak with our pharmacists as they are specially trained and certified to administer a variety of travel vaccinations.