The Threat of Medication Non-adherence for Chronic Diseases

Chronic Diseases

At one point in your life, you may likely end up in the doctor’s office waiting in anticipation and preparing for your diagnosis. While most people love to say that there’s no need to worry whenever you’re in a waiting room, the truth is that not everything is going to be as hopeful. After running a series of tests and your spirits are higher than ever, your agonizing wait takes a rather disappointing result: you’re on the onset of experiencing a chronic condition.

Admittedly, finding out that you have a chronic condition can feel like a sign of doom because the term “chronic” itself sounds like a death sentence. However, contrary to how severe it can sound, it’s also worth noting that a chronic condition isn’t as “deadly” as it seems because the proper medication can help, especially when you take your meds properly and on time.

The Different Concerns of Treating a Chronic Condition with Proper Medication

When it comes to dealing with a chronic condition, the one specific aspect of the condition itself that’s well worth taking note of is that having the right approach to medication will bring everything back to normal. As you come to terms with the whole concept of remedying your condition with the right medicine, you may have different concerns in mind, such as:

  • “What if I never fill the prescription?”
  • “What if I change jobs and my new benefit plan no longer covers my medication?”
  • “What if I miss a pill? What if I miss more than one?”

Although one may greatly believe that there are different matters that affect medicine’s efficacy when dealing with a chronic condition, it all really boils down to how well people adhere to taking prescriptions. If there was one way to emphasize and describe this specific truth properly, this quote from Former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop sums it all up: “Drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them.”

A Widespread Problem of Non-Adherence

Sure, many people may like to believe that taking the right meds for a chronic condition on time isn’t a difficult experience. However, the reality is that medication non-adherence is still a major problem in Canada.

According to a study conducted by Infoway, more than 30 percent of prescriptions are never fulfilled, resulting in an experience where medication isn’t guaranteed to work. However, simply forgetting is not the only associated problem because non-adherence occurs when patients don’t take their medication as prescribed. Whether it’s not taking the right amount or skipping doses after not tracking the intake properly, not following a doctor’s orders will surely worsen the implications of chronic disease.

How to Avoid Medication Non-Adherence When Fighting Your Chronic Condition

Generally, fighting medication non-adherence isn’t about overcoming difficulties or hurdles from external factors, but more of maintaining discipline. If you don’t know precisely where to start, here are three key tips that will help you manage your chronic condition without any other complications arising:

  • Tip #1: Build a routine together with Pharmasave Summerside’s professionals that makes it much easier to remember dosages and the right times for administration
  • Tip #2: Invest in a pillbox for proper compartmentalization
  • Tip #3: Work with or seek your prescriptions from a pharmacy that offers refill and renewal numbers


Dealing with a chronic condition may seem like such a daunting task at first, but the truth is that you can live life as normally as possible with the right medication. Yet, medication non-adherence is still a problem you must face. Through the help of this guide, you can be well-aware of what you need to avoid in keeping your health in shape while incorporating the right practices for constant recovery.

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