What to Do When Your Mobility Device Breaks Down

Mobility Device

Having the right adaptive equipment or mobility device can mean the world to people who need them. It alleviates discomfort, extends their ability, and helps them achieve a sense of normalcy despite their condition. Whether it’s walking with stability using a cane or using a mobility scooter to help you get to where you need to be, a mobility device or home medical equipment is there to provide support.

That’s why when your device starts to malfunction or breaks, you need a quick and lasting solution as soon as possible. Whenever you need repairs or replacements, your local pharmacy and medical supply store have everything that you need to help you with your problem. So what are you supposed to do when your adaptive equipment needs to be serviced?

Don’t Panic

It may sound easier said than done, but you shouldn’t panic when the equipment your using suddenly becomes unusable. If you’re at home, call a family member or friend to come to help you. If you have anything temporary to work with, like a backup cane or an old wheelchair, you can use it as a temporary replacement.

Perform Minor Troubleshooting

Sometimes, malfunctioning adaptive equipment just needs a little troubleshooting at home to resolve the issue. Find someone who can help you determine what the issue is and do some minor troubleshooting.

  • Manual Chairs: Checking the wheels for debris may correct the issue. Because of everyday use, a lot of dirt and debris may get stuck between the wheels. You can also check for any loose screws and bolts.
  • Power Chairs: Troubleshooting may vary depending on the brand, but the first thing to check is if the battery is still working. If you have replacement batteries, try switching it with the one currently installed.
  • Bathroom Aids: If there seems to be a loose handle or grip, it might be resolved by checking for any loose screws.

After you perform some basic troubleshooting steps and the problem persists, it’s time to seek a professional’s help.

Seek Help From a Technician

Next is to have someone accompany you while visiting your local pharmacy and bringing your broken adaptive equipment. A pharmacy technician can quickly determine what you need if you already have the broken equipment with you. They can inspect it and determine the issue and even track down the parts that need replacing.

If it isn’t possible to bring the broken equipment with you to the pharmacy, you can always take pictures and record the type of equipment, the brand, the model number listed (if any), and what seems to be the problem. Working closely with your pharmacy technician to get a temporary replacement and have your equipment repaired will give you peace of mind until you get your equipment back up and running.


Living with broken adaptive equipment can be a difficult ordeal for many people, especially those who have certain disabilities. It’s important not to panic and to figure out what is causing the issue. Having someone to assist you helps a lot. If you’re unable to find the problem on your own, then your local pharmacy technicians are here to help.

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